Elizabeth Banks Answers Some Really Important Twitter Questions

    Find out if she ships Haymitch & Effie, or if she would ever date a guy with a micropenis.

    If you didn't already know, Elizabeth Banks is not only insanely talented and ridiculously funny on the big screen, she will also make you cry laughing with her hysterical YouTube channel.

    One must-watch show is her Really Important Questions series where she — you guessed it — answers REALLY IMPORTANT Twitter questions.

    On season 2 of the series, she answers everything from "does size matter?" to "should girls play basketball?" and we've rounded up some of her ~can't-miss~ answers below.

    1. Question: "@ElizabethBanks: Are you a Hayffie shipper?"



    2. Question: "@ElizabethBanks: Did you f*cked [sic] Seth Rogan?"


    3. Question: "@ElizabethBanks: Would you want to be like Betty White when you get older? As far as her personality goes."


    4. Question: "@ElizabethBanks: Would you date a guy with a micropenis?"


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