Watch The Exclusive First Trailer For Zac Efron And Robert De Niro's "Dirty Grandpa"

    Get a first look at the hilarious trailer and teaser poster, premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed.

    Zac Efron and Robert De Niro are like you've never seen them before in the trailer for Dirty Grandpa, an upcoming outrageous comedy about a grandfather and grandson who embark on the wildest journey of their lives.

    Efron stars as a preppy, straitlaced attorney who's days away from marrying his boss's mega-controlling daughter.

    And De Niro plays his foul-mouthed grandfather, who, after recently losing his wife, tricks Efron's character into joining him on one last crazy adventure.

    Both guys take a road trip to the spring break capital of the world: Daytona Beach, Florida. And as you can probably guess, things get pretty damn crazy.

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    Efron does the Macarena shirtless in pink boxer briefs with a very casual stuffed hornet attached to the front.

    De Niro plays flip cup against a bunch of bros at a frat party.

    And they take the stage in all of their shirtless glory to compete in a spring break flex-off competition.

    Dirty Grandpa hits theaters Jan. 22, and you can get an exclusive first look at the teaser poster below.

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