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    Posted on Jul 27, 2016

    Joe Jonas Surprised Demi Lovato Onstage With A "Camp Rock" Classic


    Last night on Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas's Future Now Tour, Joe Jonas came onstage to surprise Demi by singing their iconic Camp Rock track "Gotta Find You," while simultaneously making us all weep.

    As soon as Demi realized what was happening, she had a minor emotional freak-out like the rest of us.

    And half-way through the song, Demi decided to start belting yet another Camp Rock classic, "This Is Me," thus making this moment more perfect than I ever thought was imaginable.

    IT WAS PURE MAGIC. And everyone, including me sitting here typing this, completely lost their shit.

    Joe later posted about the life-affirming moment on Instagram saying, "surprising Demi with Gotta find you was something I will never forget!"

    BRB, weeping for the next 14 hours and/or eternity.

    when i say I'm crying at joe showing up and singing camp rock with demi and nick i mean that i am literally crying.


    h/t MTV

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