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Chris Pratt: "I Might Go Back To Being The Fat Guy"

He's happy with his bulging biceps, but he also doesn't mind going back to "being the fat guy." We love you no matter what you look like, Chris.

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These days, it's hard to go a day without seeing or hearing about the mega-talented and hella beautiful Chris Pratt — which is truly a blessed thing.

Men's Health UK /

After recently starring as the hottest damn velociraptor trainer you've ever seen, he's now gracing the cover of Men's Health and taking the phrase ~sun's out, guns out~ to an all new level.

Hi. Hello. Yes please.

Emily Shur / Men's Health

Apart from looking like a summer god on the cover of Men's Health's July issue, he talks about his new fit self, and the fact that he doesn't mind going back to his pre–six-pack days.

I can tell that people are motivated by my transformations, and that feels really good. But everyone should know when the movie star stuff is over, I might go back to being the fat guy. My wife wants a pizza oven — she's going to learn how to bake bread, and I'm going to eat it. I love the health benefits of exercising, and I have a kid now. By exercising, you really can add 20, 30 years to your life. But you gotta live too, so hopefully I'll find a nice balance.

I think I speak for the rest of humanity when I say, We don't give a damn what size your biceps are or how many abs you have. Keep doing your thing, babe.

Men's Health UK /
Men's Health UK /

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