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    Chris Pratt Tries To Give Acting Lessons While Drunk And It's Beautiful

    Whiskey + Pratt = hell yes.

    Beautiful babe Chris Pratt is gracing the cover of GQ's June issue, and as part of their cover shoot, Pratt got drunk on whiskey and decided to host a little Acting 101 class.

    After downing a few Fireball shots, Pratt revealed his top tips for how to act your way out of a terrifying or awkward situation.

    When in a scary as hell situation, just be true to how you feel. Be scared as shit:

    When you're caught in an ~illegal~ situation, maybe be slightly less than truthful:

    When you totally screwed up, do some Jedi mind tricks:

    But if all else fails, just try to work out and not get sunburned:

    Watch the entire hilarious acting lesson in the clip below:

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