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    15 Tweets You'll Only Understand If You're Completely Obsessed With Chili's Queso

    "The day I find somebody that I love as much as I love Chili's skillet queso, I'm getting married."

    Hello, I've gathered you all here for one thing and one thing only, to celebrate the greatest skillet of cheese you've ever laid eyes on: the queso and chips at Chili's Grill & Bar.

    And if a bubbling skillet of melty, delicious cheese is also your idea of pure bliss, then here are a few tweets that'll make you say, "oh my god, yep, same."


    Every time the server at Chili's brings out the queso.


    The day I find somebody that I love as much as I love Chili's skillet queso, I'm getting married.


    today I found out that I am Selena Gomez


    if you go to Chili’s with someone and they dont even mention the skillet queso, it might be time to never speak to them again


    If she doesn’t like chili’s skillet queso, she isn’t the one.


    Chili’s salsa and queso could bring Trump and Kim Jong Un together


    The waitress at Chili’s messed up our order and she gave us free chips & queso and I started crying


    it’s 7am and all i can think about is skillet queso from chili’s


    "When it comes to Chili's skillet queso, I either want a small ramekin or a full bathtub. There is no in between." - anonymous.


    chili’s skillet queso never left me. she a loyal hoe


    Tears welling at the thought of a frigid snowy night spent in a candle-lit Chili's with the woman I love, and a big thing of skillet queso


    If anyone was wondering what I am passionate about in life the answer is Chili's queso and chips


    Idk what makes me happier my boyfriend or Chili's queso



    If I die young, hold a reception at chili's. Cry, but don't get tears in the white spinach queso.