Beyonce’s Mom Reacts To Those Heartbreaking Bey & Jay Divorce Rumors

Calm the Beygency alarms, PEOPLE. True love might actually still be a thing.

1. There were cries of outrage heard ‘round the Beyhive when rumors emerged that the reining Queen and King of the universe, Beyonce and Jay Z, might be getting a divorce.

3. And while the entire world has been speculating about whether or not America’s royal couple is really *on the rocks,* Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, is here to clear up those tragic rumors.

Columbia Records / Via everythingyntk.com

5. Chatting with TMZ about the rumors, Tina takes a cue from TSwift and ~shakes it off~.

TMZ / Via youtube.com

6. And about Bey & Jay’s relationship? You can calm down, because IT’S PERFECT. Ok??

TMZ / Via youtube.com

7. But Tina isn’t really bothered by the rumors, because who has time for all that gossip anyways?!

TMZ / Via youtube.com

8. And just to confirm again for all the haters, Tina wants you to know that Beyonce and Jay Z are very much HAPPY AND IN LOVE.

TMZ / Via youtube.com


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