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15 Fierce Beyoncé Quotes That Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

In honor of #BeyDay, Queen B's 34th birthday.

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Today, on this sacred national holiday, Queen Beysus turns 34 years old.

To celebrate her highness, here are some of her most badass, inspirational, flawless words of wisdom.

1. When she taught you how to be ambitious.

2. When she made you realize your true potential.


3. When she reminded you of your worth.

4. When she explained how important it is to be uniquely you.

5. When she reminded you that nobody is perfect.

6. When she made you remember that your voice matters.


7. When she inspired you to make your own choices.

8. When she gave you this very important advice.

9. When she encouraged you to keep pushing forward.


12. When she encouraged you to live fearlessly.

13. When she empowered you to know your true worth.

14. When she reminded you that your critics don't matter.

15. And most importantly, when she made you promise to never let anyone define who you are.