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15 Pictures You Won't Understand Unless You're A PLL Fan

"Sleeping with my lights on bc I spent 10 hours watching PLL today."

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1. When everyone started trading boyfriends.

Me while watching PLL✋🏼😂 #PrettyLittleLiars #PLL

2. When the storylines are confusing AF.

3. When literally everyone on the entire damn show was "A."

Me after watching tonight's episode #PLL #PLLChat

4. When you binge-watch a few episodes and are thoroughly scared out of your damn mind.

sleeping with my lights on bc I spent 10 hours watching pll today and I'm scared A will kill me in my sleep

5. When everyone is shady as hell.

6. When you're pretty sure you could join the FBI after trying to solve this damn show.

me trying to crack the code while watching pll

7. When you're like LOL good luck trying to figure anything out in Rosewood.

8. When you need a study guide just to keep up with each episode.

Literally me watching the PLL finale. Why do I still watch this damn show?

9. When you silently keep praying for Emison to happen.

10. When you can't decide whether you want to scream or smash your television or cry.

11. When Tuesdays are your favorite day of the week.

Me after watching the new PLL episode

12. When people ask you to hangout and you're like, "Sorry, I can't, I'm just so busy right now."

13. When you have to remind everyone in your life not to breathe/speak/exist around you on Tuesday nights.

ME..every time i'm watching #PLL 👿 i can't believe it's almost the finale already

14. When you're not ready to accept the truth.

Instagram: @pll_for_life1

15. And mostly, every single time they tease a new season/episode/clip and you can barely contain your emotions.

me after watching the promo #pll #saveHanna #Prettylittleliars