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10 Extremely Beautiful DJs You Really Need To Know About

So many beats, so many babes.

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Unless you're an Ultra-attending rave fan, you might not be aware that the current crop of ~hottest DJs~ are in fact, hot. Like, they are all beautiful.

And whether you're a fan of EDM or not, you can probably appreciate the true beauty they bring into this world.

1. Calvin Harris

The man behind your favorite summer jam — literally, it's called "Summer" — has also been recently linked to Taylor Swift. Aside from that, he's an actual Armani model. A DAMN MODEL.


2. Zedd

You've no doubt danced to his hit "Clarity" or heard about his new collab, "I Want You To Know," with Selena Gomez, who he's also rumored to be dating. And he's so damn adorable that our hearts can barely stand it.

We're sensing a BFF double date with Selena, Taylor, Zedd and Calvin in the near future.

~When pop stars and EDM DJs collide~

3. Martin Garrix

The Dutch DJ/producer is clearly, really damn cute. He's only 18, but he's already racked up 10 million fans on Facebook, created the hit song "Animals," and just released a new single with Usher called "Don't Look Down."

4. Diplo

You're probably already well aware that Diplo is a babe. Unfortunately, he's got a reputation for being a bit of an asshole.


5. R3hab


6. Avicii

You've definitely heard of and no doubt danced along to one of Avicii's mega-hits. He's also ridiculously cute and has some stellar tattoos.

7. Dillon Francis

He kinda sealed the deal on this one by posing with an adorable, fluffy cat. A+ for humor & hotness.

8. Kaskade

Another name that you likely recognize, Kaskade is listed as one of the highest-paid DJs in the world. Not to mention his definite modeling career potential. I don't know what's happening in this picture, but I'm here for all of it.


10. A-Trak

He's proving his modeling chops in this month's issue of Interview Magazine, and has us pretty damn convinced. Also, he owns his own record label, Fool's Gold, aside from being a WORLD CHAMPION DJ.