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7 Reasons You Should Join A CJC Student Organization Today

There are a variety of student organizations in the College of Journalism and Communications, which offer opportunities to further your skills, network with professionals, build your resume, meet your peers and many other benefits.

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1. Network With Professionals

Professionals often speak at student organization meetings, which allows students to gain insight into what it is like to work in advertising, journalism, public relations or telecommunications.

"UF PRSSA allows students to expose themselves to a community full of professionals in the field who are looking to help, hire and encourage," said Lauren Maloney, president of UF PRSSA and a senior public relations major.

2. Build Your Resume

Membership in a pre-professional organization shows commitment to the profession and further education. Employers often look for organization membership on recent graduates' resumes.

3. Access To Jobs & Internships Listings

Pre-professional organizations provide listings of job openings and internship applications to help advance its members' careers. This can make the job search much easier.

4. Learn New Skills

Attending organizations' workshops is a great way to learn new skills or finesse existing skills. Having a diverse skill set is a great way to distinguish yourself from other applicants when looking for a job.

5. Get To Know Your Peers & CJC Faculty

Joining a student organizations is a great way to make new friends and meet people with similar interests. Forming relationships with CJC faculty can help to expand your network, find a mentor and provide career counseling.

"JCA has been a great way to both build connections throughout the J-School and get more involved within the college," said Taylor Torok, a UF Journalism and Communications Ambassador and sophomore telecommunications major. "I have come across so many more opportunities, such as the internship I currently have, just by being in JCA."

6. Free Food

Another benefit of joining a student organization is free food at meetings! CJC organizations often have pizza, Publix subs and other delicious food at its meetings. We heard The Agency even had Chinese food once!

7. Attend National Conferences

Attending a conference with an organization allows you to network with students and professionals from all over the country, learn more about the communication industry, listen to interesting speakers and explore a new city with your peers.

For more information on CJC student organizations, click here.

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