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Eczema Treatment May Have To Start With Your Clothing

Have you ever considered how many chemicals could consist your clothes and how this can cause eczema flare?

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Most eczema sufferers have discovered that synthetic fabrics against the skin can cause flares. Consequently, many have switched to clothing and linens made from silk, cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo and other natural fibers. While making that switch has helped many people, others found it made no difference whatsoever – their clothing still caused irritation. However, what people may not know is that even natural fibers are usually grown and manufactured with chemicals. Using a good shielding lotion to prevent absorption of these chemicals is a must, but clothing made from chemical-free fabric should also be part of your eczema treatment protocol.

Synthetic fabrics first became popular in the ‘50s when “better living with chemicals” was all the rage. The primary appeal of synthetic fabrics – besides the fact that they were new and different – was how easy they were to take care of: Wool and cotton were cumbersome to wash, dried slowly and were loaded with wrinkles that took ages to get out. Synthetics washed out quickly, dried quickly and were relatively wrinkle free. Naturally, they took off like wildfire.

Over the next few decades as we became more aware of the problems chemicals cause in our environment, the blush slowly started to fade from the rose and people starting turning back to Mother Nature. This was the beginning of the “green movement,” and, gradually, a few cotton growers stopped using pesticides and herbicides on their farms.

However, although the dangers of chemicals in our environment became an issue, no one really realized what the chemicals were doing to our skin. In fact, the incidence of eczema started increasing at an alarming rate around that time, as did the eczema treatment products available on drug store shelves and in pharmacies. Unfortunately, even the treatments were loaded with chemicals – no one had discovered the connection – so now eczema sufferers were hit with the chemicals in their clothing and in the treatment products.

Fortunately, we now have other options for both fabrics and treatment: To meet the demand for natural products some clothing manufacturers are not only insisting on using raw materials grown without chemicals, they’ve even stopped using synthetic dyes and other chemicals in the manufacturing process. For irritated skin, these fabrics are a blessing. And for treatment, we now have shielding lotion:

A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a protective layer that keeps out chemicals. Thousands of doctors are now recommending it as eczema treatment, and with excellent results.

If you’ve made the switch from synthetics to natural fabrics and your skin is still being irritated, try taking things a step further – look for products grown and manufactured without chemicals, and use a shielding lotion. These simple changes could be all the eczema treatment you need.

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