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    Dry Skin Is Not Treated Or Prevented By Moisturizers

    Have you actually had this feeling when you use a lotion for dry skin, and your skin becomes even drier? Or it feels even worse after you stop using your skin care product comparing with previous skin condition? Find out why!

    Regular washing with soap, or exposure to chemicals, can remove these natural oils. When the oils are stripped from the outer layer of skin, the moisture quickly evaporates, the skin dries out, and the deeper layers are no longer protected. Further exposure to soap, chemicals or environmental toxins does more damage.

    How do traditional moisturizers worsen the problem? When we use conventional moisturizers, including hand lotions, the skin thinks it is adequately hydrated. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth – it has lost its natural moisture. Nevertheless, the body responds by reducing its production of natural oils and moisture and this in turn causes further dehydration.

    You may have met someone who complained that their skin got drier after they started using traditional moisturizers – now you know why.