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Can Eczema Be Resolved Without Drugs?

Sure! Let's figure out how! Here you find some useful tips to improve your treatment.

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Eczema sufferers sometimes spend years switching from one prescription medication to another: Some don't work at all, some work for only a short time, and others make the situation worse. What many people don't really understand is that their skin problem is often caused by contact with substances that damage the surface layer of the skin, and those substances often include the very drugs they're using as treatment. Hundreds of dermatologists now recommend a good shielding lotion for eczema treatment specifically because it protects the skin from those offending substances. However, it might also be a good idea to check out your environment to see which of the offenders you might be able to eliminate.

Although many doctors automatically prescribe topical medication for eczema, there are some doctors and treatment centers advocating other lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes are not only improving the skin condition, they're also resulting in a better state of health in general.

An eczema treatment center in one hospital, for example, recommends the following:

* Wash linens in hot water – they often contain dust and dust mites that often cause skin problems.

* Vacuum and dust more frequently, and making sure you include the beds and furniture.

* Switch to very mild soaps and other skin treatment products that don't damage the protective surface layer of the skin.

* Eliminate household cleansing products and personal care products that contain harsh or harmful chemicals.

Still other experts recommend clothing and linens made of natural fibers grown and processed without chemicals: You might check out organic silk (it's not as expensive as it used to be), cotton or hemp. Even bamboo is now being used to manufacture clothing and household linens. As bamboo grows very quickly and is a renewable resource, it's also good for the environment.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest causes of eczema is something it's very hard to get rid of – air pollution. That's where a shielding lotion really shines: A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer protective layer of the skin to form a new layer that keeps out chemicals so they don't contact the skin, and are not absorbed through the skin into the rest of the body.

If you're tired of moving from drug to drug, and would like to live a healthier life, give these natural solutions a try. Keeping your home dust-free, eliminating chemicals as much a possible, and using a shielding lotion to protect you from the chemicals you can't get rid of may be all the eczema treatment you need. And you'll enjoy the other health benefits of a chemical and drug-free life.

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