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5 Ways To Improve Your Memory

What if you were the person that could remember everyone's birthday or always ace your quizzes? Sounds pretty good, but it also sounds tough. Memory is a common area for people to lack. But, with these 5 easy steps, you could change the way you remember everything.

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1. Creative Ways of Thinking:

To prevent your brain and brain connections from dying off, add some variety to your life.

Using your brain in multiple ways is key to containing information and maintaining your memories, so try to have conversation with new friends, learn a new language, even switch up routes when jogging.

Conversing with friends is a form of social interaction, and this is also a proven way to improve memory.

2. Social Means of Memory Improvement:

According to a 2007 study conducted by psychologist Oscar Ybarra of the University of Michigan, just ten minutes of social interaction, such as calling up a friend, can help improve memory and performance before a test or exam. Isolation can have opposite, negative effects on a person.

Rather than isolating yourself, try to get active either outside or become involved in a sport.

3. A Healthy Lifestyle = Improved Memory

A healthy lifestyle begins with a balanced diet and getting the right nutrients along with exercising. Eating foods that are high in protein and omega-3 makes a huge difference.

Exercise doesn't always mean go for a 5 mile run or do a high intensity workout. It can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a walk. It does not matter just get up and move for 30 minutes a day. A healthy body and healthy mind will improve your study skills.

When it comes to improving these study skills, exercising isn’t the only thing that is needed.

4. How to Effectively Study

Long-term, deep learning requires frequent and active retrieval, which means you need test yourself! Going back and retrieving memories of information you have is proven to be the best way to retain knowledge.

Ways to test yourself: quizlet, get old tests and answer the questions, go to your textbooks’ online resources and answer practice quizzes, and actually do your homework.

This way of studying should become routine to you, and you should make room in your memory palace for it.

5. Your Memory Palace

A memory palace is familiar place often a route you know well like your walk to school or work, or a specific room in your house. By associating certain words with the location, your ability to remember words or other things that you are trying to remember will improve. Strategic memory training pays off, immediately and in the long term.

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