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13 Ways To Be A Less Shitty Person; Or At Least Attempt To Be.

Everyone knows that it is hard to be an overall good person in today’s world. However, with these 13 tips and tricks about dealing with the shit life tends to throw at you, becoming a better person may just be a tad bit easier. Plus, these New Girl gifs will make your realization of being shit kind of funny.

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1. Smile More For Goodness Sake

Stress is proven to be detrimental to one’s physical and mental health. One way to combat stress is simply to smile more. Not only will this help alleviate stress which in return helps your overall life, but people will recognize you as the person who always seems happy, making you a less shitty person.

2. Stop Forgetting Important Things

Increasing your memory and learning skills help improve your overall mental health. You can improve your memory by doing simple acts such as brain teasers and puzzles. People that tend to not be shitty also tend to not forget important things.

3. Have Others Help You

Having goals is hard, so you should tell other people about them so that you can have someone else to hold you accountable to them. Not only will you will be more likely to stick to that goal, but this will help you gain stronger relationships. Which can make you be a less shitty person as well.

4. Just Be Happy Dammit

Happy people tend to attract happy people in all aspects of life.  To become more happy you need to let go of whatever made you not happy in the past. Use coping methods to get over your past events and start your journey to happiness and being less shitty.

5. Realize that Everyone has Boundaries

Shitty people have to realize that it is imperative to treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. With that, you must create your own boundaries to help preserve your personal beliefs and opinions, while also respecting other’s boundaries.

6. You Are Doing Too Much

Our brains are not equipped to handle more than one task, specifically when the tasks require any expansive thought or time. This means that you are WAY too focused on multitasking and not the SUPER important single events. Stop doing multiple things at once, it makes you shitty.

7. Your Physical Health Affects More than You Think

Not only are you terrible at multitasking, but you’re shitty at taking care of yourself.  You need to exercise your mind and body 2-3 days a week. Yoga, exercise for mental and physical health, is shown to boost natural antioxidants in the body that fight off inflammation. Plus the antibodies used to fight this inflammation may be the cause of many mental illnesses.

8. Do Happy Things for Once

Sometimes the way you think and form thoughts are off a little, and it makes you come off as a shitty person. To change your thoughts, you have to realize that feelings drive your thoughts and behaviors. Your behaviors drive your thoughts and feelings. So, if you want to feel happy, do things that make you happy and have happiness inducing thoughts.

9. You’re Not Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

You might be a highly sensitive person, but it’s not your fault, it just makes life a little shitty. So you should  try to do an activity that calls upon your inferior function, preferably an activity you have not tried before, that wouldn’t be too hard for you to execute.

10. Childhood Experiences Messed You up

Your childhood was a bunch of events that you couldn’t control, but they may have made you a shitty person. Creating a coherent narrative in order to understand what messed you up in the past and so you can evolve in the present or entering a relationship with someone who has a healthier attachment can help change that.

11. Admit that You Have Problems

Humans tend not to admit they made a mistake. This is because it contradicts their perception of themselves that they are never wrong. To fix this, start admitting to the mistakes you made and own them, and in return this will make you less shitty!

12. Love Yourself and Others as Much as Possible

The real reason why your shitty is that you don’t love yourself enough! You have to express the love you have for others upon yourself. This is probably the reason that you can’t maintain healthy relationships a.k.a. shitty at relationships, but one way to fix those problems is to accept the fact that you make mistakes. You are not perfect and you should open your eyes to see that.

13. Voila! Now You Aren’t as Shitty!

Putting all twelve of those steps together is the final step… It is quite hard to change the person that you have been for your whole life, but it is doable. Take time out of your day to practice these 12 things that can truly change you for the better. Hopefully others will start to notice that you’re a new person, who isn’t shit anymore!!!

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