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A Timeline Of Every Flip Or Flop Episode

It's repetitive, it's frustrating, you know what's coming, but you need to know what happens.

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1. Husband: Okay, let's bid on this place. I think we can get it for $4.

2. Wife: Uhh, let's get it for $2??

3. Husband: Oh, shoot, I spent $654,300 on it???

4. Wife: I can't believe you spent wayyy over budget. We only have $6 left to renovate.

5. Husband: Okay, you were right, let's spend $4 on the rest just in case.

6. Wife: Yeah, I don't think my husband gets it, but we need to spend at least $57,600 on a handcrafted dog door/breakfast nook to get buyers.

7. Contractor: Bad news, guys, you have asbestos! HVAC will cost you $220,400 and take an extra 15 weeks.

8. Husband: Wow, I don't know how we will be able to turn a profit.

9. Wife: Okay, hear me out, we need to spend another $15,000 on throw pillows for staging.

10. Husband: Babe, no, we're already $3,000,000 over budget, we'll never turn a profit.

11. Wife: *does it*

12. Open House Visitors: Hm, not that great, wish it had more chandeliers crafted from the tears of baby angels. Would not buy.

13. Couple: We ended up making $6 Trillion on this house, whew, real close one. Looking forward to next week!

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