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What Should Tourists From Abroad Know Before Visiting Your Country?

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Traveling abroad is an incredible experience. However, oftentimes, tourists don't do enough research about the customs and norms of the country they're visiting, and they end up accidentally inconveniencing locals or embarrassing themselves.

For example, when you're shopping in France, you should greet the proprietor to be polite.

a woman waving to a man working in a flower shop

And when you're in Japan, you should take off your shoes before entering somewhere like a private home.

A girl taking off her shoes

And in the US, when you're at a restaurant, you're expected to leave an approximately 20% tip for your server.

someone putting money in a tip jar

So, what do you wish tourists knew before visiting your country? Tell us in the comments, and you may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!