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    19 Tweets Are For Anyone Ready To Run Away And Open A Bakery In A Small Town

    The new American dream.

    It's no secret that life in the year 2020 is incredibly stressful.

    Lifetime / Via GIPHY

    This year especially has left many of us dreaming about moving to start an idyllic life somewhere new.

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    For a lot of the us, that dream means opening a bakery.

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    Every time I mention how much I want to leave everything behind and open a vegan bakery in the Welsh countryside, I'm met with a resounding agreement that plenty of people share a similar dream.

    So, since we can't all actually go out and open up bakeries, here are 19 tweets to help you daydream about it.

    1. A bakery seems like the best form of escapism.

    im so amazed at my duality, i can go from being like“I want to be so involved in this world and change it” and then also “what if I just disappeared and backpacked around Europe and like end up in a small town in Italy or Paris and have my own bakery and live a small life” yknow?

    @annabelle_m2 / Via Twitter: @annabelle_m2

    2. You already have a solid business model planned.

    I just wrote “barkery” instead of “bakery,” and now I want to open a bakery that lets people play with dogs. Like a cat cafe but with puppies.

    @ShaunieDarko / Via Twitter: @ShaunieDarko

    3. Your shop would be such an amazing event space.

    oh how i yearn to own a coffee/bakery and bookstore/library. i’ll host open mic nights, book club nights, board game nights. it’s all i really want in the world. a cozy little bookstore with baked goods and coffee🥺

    @waugh_luigi / Via Twitter: @waugh_luigi

    4. But this dream isn't free of obstacles.

    i want to open a bakery but i can’t bake 😪

    @sobiah_ / Via Twitter: @sobiah_

    5. Some people want it all.

    I want to open a bookshop with an adjoining bakery & we sell flowers out front.

    @9peligrosa9 / Via Twitter: @9peligrosa9

    6. You're never too old to dream.

    Told my sister that when we grow up I want to open a coffee shop/bakery with her. She laughed and said “we’re already in our 30s, we are grown up...but im down” 😂

    @_taaayyyylor / Via Twitter: @_taaayyyylor

    7. Your daydream can get very specific.

    I dont want a ps5 I just want someone who loves baking so we can bake all the time together and then open a bakery together and then we travel the world and try different cuisines of the world together is that too much to ask for

    @boybawarchi / Via Twitter: @boybawarchi

    8. You have a sneaking suspicion that happiness is cupcake-shaped.

    i just want to go to culinary school and be a chef and open a restaurant/bakery and just genuinely be happy

    @dustinordway / Via Twitter: @dustinordway

    9. You wish you could have it both ways.

    I have only 2 moods Either i want to head a radio oncology department Or i want to open a cafe near a beach and become chef there

    @sreekaaaaaaaarr / Via Twitter: @sreekaaaaaaaarr

    10. You dream about a world where you can have it all.

    Do i want to be an academic or do I want to open a book cafe where I make different desserts, read and engage with others, host themed community events, make space for mutual aid and community organizers, and wear super colorful makeup everyday

    @angelic_ly_me / Via Twitter: @angelic_ly_me

    11. Maybe by 2050 you can have the best of both worlds.

    I want a clone of me who completes this mbbs so that I can go to another city and open a cute little bakery there

    @Youcallmekarma / Via Twitter: @Youcallmekarma

    12. You might blame Paul Hollywood.

    I have watched way too much great British baking show and now all I want to do is bake, someone stop me before I try to open up a bakery 🤪

    @fisher_wolfe / Via Twitter: @fisher_wolfe

    13. Your bakery could combine two of your passions.

    I know this sounds dumb but I want to open up a cafe here in Chicago some day ofc it would be a BTS based cafe

    @itzellovesBTS2 / Via Twitter: @itzellovesBTS2

    14. You just want to be at peace.

    maybe i don't want to continue school, maybe i just want to open a small flower café whose warm lights illuminates the surrounding areas during winter time 😤😤😤

    @yeoubeanie / Via Twitter: @yeoubeanie

    15. You deserve to live inside of a cheesy rom-com.

    i swear all i want is to live in a cute lil beach shack somewhere and open a cute lil surf shop cafe and have a dog and my hair always smells like sea salt PLEASE THATS THE DREAM

    @audreytoolame / Via Twitter: @audreytoolame

    16. You've seriously contemplated a career change.

    Think I'm nearing my, 'want to open a coffee shop and write fiction novels' point in my career. That's security related right?

    @HellaSecure / Via Twitter: @HellaSecure

    17. Every little thing reminds you of the bakery owner you aspire to be.

    when I get my own apartment I shall be a baker...oh to own a little bakery <3

    @kilualuver / Via Twitter: @killualuver

    18. The main thing holding you back is time.

    i feel like life is too short to pursue one career/interest. i want to have my own little bakery but also i want to write books. i want to have an art gallery but at the same time i enjoy my job as a lawyer🤦🏼‍♀️

    @couturebiatch / Via Twitter: @couturebiatch

    19. And finally, a part of you will always believe the bakery of your dreams is right around the corner.

    I want to have my own lil walk in bakery by next year... speaking it into existence 🤞🏻🥺💕

    @rachelchavela / Via Twitter: @rachelchavela