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    21 Times The Cast Of "The Circle" Revealed Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From The Show

    Circle, turn off the camera in the bathroom.

    1. The cameras are rolling 24/7.

    Terilisha was even on camera when she was getting ready for the day
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    Season 2 player Terilisha told her YouTube channel that the only time the players aren't on camera is when they're using the bathroom.

    2. When a blocked player has the opportunity to visit another player's apartment, crew members knock on every player's door.

    Sammie was shocked when Alana knocked on her door
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    On her YouTube channel, Season 1 player Sammie Cimarelli explained that the crew always knock so they can get everyone's reactions on camera.

    3. Season 2 player Chloe Veitch had to extend her pre-filming self-isolation because of an emergency hospital visit.

    Chloe vlogged her experience
    Chloe Veitch / Via

    In a YouTube video, she said that soon after arriving in Manchester she found a couple of lumps in her breast. She went to the doctor, and her self-isolation was extended from one week to 11 days.

    4. The players never really know what time it is.

    Netflix / Via

    According to Season 2 contestant Jack Atkins' TikTok Q&A, there were no clocks or technology in their apartments apart from the Circle, so they could only guess the time by looking outside.

    5. Food is available to the players on demand.

    Courtney had trouble with the pancake art challenge
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    Jack said that he could tell the Circle what he wanted, then it would be delivered to his door a few minutes later.

    6. Season 2 player Savannah Palacio reached out to the contestants she had drama with to apologize after the show.

    Savannah fought with Terilisha during Truth or Dare
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    However, she said that her apologies were not reciprocated, which she understood because "what [she] said hurt their feelings."

    7. They only play the game for about half the day.

    Netflix / Via

    Jack told his TikTok followers that the players have plenty of free time to read, play games, etc. on their own.

    8. There's one camera in the bathroom, but players can tell producers to turn it around.

    Netflix / Via

    Jack said that players can also leave their mics outside the bathroom for privacy.

    9. To help her be a successful catfish, Season 2 player Deleesa Carrasquillo took a notebook filled with extremely detailed information about her husband into the Circle.

    she also took notes about basketball and other sports
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    In a YouTube Q&A, she revealed that she took detailed notes on the clothing brands he prefers, the kind of cologne he wears, and even the kind of clippers he would buy to cut his own hair. She said she spent her pre-filming quarantine studying her notes.

    10. The players aren't allowed to open their apartment windows or doors.

    Netflix / Via

    In a video on Sammie's YouTube channel, Savannah said their only access to fresh air was the rooftop Jacuzzi.

    11. The producers can decide when players are allowed to shower.

    Netflix / Via

    Sammie said that she wasn't allowed to shower at night because the crew wanted to "get it in [her] morning routine."

    12. Players over the legal drinking age are allowed to have a moderate amount of alcohol.

    Netflix / Via

    Underage contestants like Jack aren't allowed to drink in the Circle, but those over 21 can have "a bottle of wine or a few beers."

    13. Blocked players aren't actually sent home until after the finale.

    Netflix / Via

    Sammie explained that players who are voted out of the Circle must stay in specially marked apartments until the show is finished filming. However, they're allowed to explore the UK with a chaperone.

    14. Once players are cast for the show, they aren't allowed to tell anyone.

    As a catfish, Sean kept a lot of secrets on the show as well
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    According to Season 1 player Sean Taylor, if anyone did let it slip, their spot on the show would be revoked.

    15. Players are given an allowance to spend between landing in the UK and the start of filming.

    Netflix / Via

    According to Sammie, players' passports and debit cards are confiscated after they arrive in the UK to prevent them from leaving on their own. However, all of their expenses, such as flights, are covered by the studio.

    16. The Season 2 players had their phones confiscated prior to their pre-filming self-isolation.

    Netflix / Via

    According to Deleesa, the contests weren't allowed to have their personal phones with them to prevent them from talking about the show with anyone outside of production. However, she also said they were given another phone, which was taken before they went into the Circle.

    17. Whenever contestants leave their apartments, they have to wear goggles and noise-canceling headphones.

    Netflix / Via

    Sammie said that they're also escorted by a producer.

    18. Terilisha’s bed broke during filming of Season 2.

    Terilisha still had to sleep on the broken bed
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    In a YouTube video, she said that she loved everything else about her apartment, but the broken bed hurt her back.

    19. The players can't hear each other through the walls.

    Netflix / Via

    On YouTube, Deleesha confirmed that she couldn't hear anyone else while she was in her apartment because they're pretty well separated from each other.

    20. The Season 1 players all still keep in touch.

    Sammie, Shubam, and Joey were especially close by the end
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    In a YouTube Q&A, Sean Taylor said that they have an Instagram group chat where they talk "almost every day."

    21. And the Season 2 players also have a group chat.

    Ed and Mitchell became buddies
    Netflix / Via Netflix

    On YouTube, Deleesa said that she also FaceTimes fellow player Terilisha every day.

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