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    27 Tumblr Posts About Joaquin Torres That Are As Good As The TFATWS Finale

    We have no choice but to stan.

    As anyone with a Disney+ subscription knows, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been nothing short of amazing.

    There's (rightfully) a lot of love for Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and even Zemo, but we can't forget our future Falcon, the one and only Joaquin Torres.

    Here are a few Tumblr posts you'll love if you also adore Joaquin.

    1. This look into the future:

    sizzymontgomery / Via

    2. This accurate analysis:

    granolabird / Via

    3. This person has love on the brain:

    banner-swift / Via

    4. The universal experience of watching TFATWS:

    i-professional-procrastinator / Via

    5. This quote is 100% canon:

    livrere-purple / Via

    6. The deleted scene we deserved to see:

    hoennislands / Via

    7. This previously unreleased picture from the show:

    benhargrieves / Via

    8. The hope we have for the future:

    smol-bean-buchanan / Via

    9. The best plot twist:

    buckyshairography / Via

    10. This love triangle:

    rainbowskullsandcoffee / Via

    11. This pitch for the opening of Season 2:

    capsamwilsxn / Via

    12. This fan theory:

    alittlesliceofcucumber / Via

    13. The hero we deserve:

    janeyfoster / Via

    14. This valid question:

    Marvel / dragon-familiar / Via

    15. This astute observation:

    wildflower-spell / Via

    16. What everyone was thinking:

    im-supposed-to-put-a-name-here / Via

    17. The second most important Joaquin moment:

    wanda-maximoffs-wife / Via

    18. This relatable confession:

    dylanobrienisbatman / Via

    19. This modern take on classic poetry:

    Marvel / whiskey-cokenfanfic / Via

    20. The only correct opinion:

    wxndasbucky / Via

    21. This person experienced love at first sight:

    asshat-productions / Via

    22. History repeating itself:

    tinycowgirlhat / Via

    23. What we want for our boy:

    lieutenant-torres / Via

    24. This fierce ultimatum:

    barzal-burakovsky / Via

    25. These unforeseen circumstances:

    a-newlywed-couple / Via

    26. This deleted scene I'd pay big bucks to see:

    captainamericasamwilson / Via

    27. And lastly, the truth, plain and simple:

    hermione-grander. / Via