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    These 17 Tweets Hilariously Demonstrate The Differences Between Cat People And Dog People

    "Every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling, so we got her a chair."

    You could say dog people and cat people are different breeds.

    ABC / Via

    The internet — especially Twitter — can see the differences:

    1. Cat owners love to play mind games with their feline companions...

    I love telling my cat “you’re on thin ice dude” when he’s not doing anything

    @bummer_no_b / Via Twitter: @bummer_no_b

    2. ...But dog owners are easily manipulated by those big, brown eyes.

    Whenever our dog finishes eating, she whines until my wife or me burps her. This happens every day

    @jamisonwebb / Via Twitter: @jamisonwebb

    3. A lot of cat owners can't bear the thought of asking their babies to pull their own weight...

    pet rent is the stupidest concept i’ve ever heard of how do you expect my cat to pay $50 a month she is unemployed

    @baz00per / Via Twitter: @baz00per

    4. ...And some dog people at least expect their perfect pooch to try.

    I bought a mini toy laptop for my dog. So he can at least look like he's helping support this family.

    @Strawburry17 / Via Twitter: @Strawburry17

    5. Cat owners work around their pet's schedule...

    My husband sent me this, saying that our cat refuses to move, so his ear is now an `enter key`

    @alygat / Via Twitter: @alygat

    6. ...But dog people would like some help around the house.

    my dog collected my parcel this morning 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    @miaxperry / Via Twitter: @miaxperry

    7. As a cat owner, you'll probably never know (or care) what their breed is...

    I love when I post a story of my cat and like 70 people reply “that looks like my cat!” Like yeah babe it’s a cat. There are like 4 flavors

    @quakerraina / Via Twitter: @quakerraina

    8. ...But a dog's breed becomes a core part of your personality.

    My sister threw our dog a Frozen-themed birthday party (because he’s a snow dog. duh) His friends came and even had cake. Thought twitter might enjoy some snaps of his party. And yes, Ghost had a great time and thanks everybody who contributed to making his day special ❤️

    @viStrings_attch / Via Twitter: @viStrings_attch

    9. Cats train their owners to speak their preferred language...

    Our cat understands english, but only in uwu dialect

    @AmaitoFuu / Via Twitter: @AmaitoFuu

    10. ...But dog owners are ready to fill out the FAFSA.

    Smuggling my dog back to college.

    @5eean / Via Twitter: @5eean

    11. Cat parents don't know what goes on in their fluffy children's private lives...

    Found out last night our cat goes to the kebab shop down the road every day and they give him lamb mince. There's a picture of him on the wall

    @pieandnoncepub / Via Twitter: @pieandnoncepub

    12. ...But dog owners make sure their pups feel like part of the family.

    Basically every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling so we got her a chair so she could be included and she hasn’t cried since😩😩😩

    @lrparkes13 / Via Twitter: @lrparkes13

    13. If you're a cat, you can almost guarantee your parent will post your hilarious fails for the world to see...

    Just accidentally spilled my cat’s food all over the floor and his reaction was.... a lot 😂

    @kl_coop / Via Twitter: @kl_coop

    14. ...But if you're a dog, your person will make sure the internet knows what a good boy you are.

    Here's yet another reason why my dog is the purest pup ever. I came home from the store to see that his food bag had fallen over, but it looks like he pushed all the food into a neat pile instead of leaving a mess (he didn't eat it because he ussually only eats when im around)

    @RyanAbe / Via Twitter: @RyanAbe

    15. Cat people never truly know peace...

    i almost DIED today my cat my ridiculous cat launched himself OVER the shower while i was in it causing my soul to LEAVE MY BODY when a CAT fell from the SKY into my soapy arms tail smacking my FACE drenched cat SCREECHING CLAWING at the shower curtain truly R.I.P. me i’m GONE

    @AmandaFoody / Via Twitter: @AmandaFoody

    16. ...and, TBH, never do dog people, but to a lesser degree.

    Behold my dog Frida, who ate a whole stack of kraft singles while I was in the shower.

    @veroconplatanos / Via Twitter: @veroconplatanos

    17. Finally, to sum it all up:

    Dog owners will pick names like max or bailey and cat owners will literally name their cat beef stroganoff

    @jxiaoo / Via Twitter: @jxiaoo