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    18 Questions I, An American, Have About British Food

    Gordon Ramsay, please advise.

    Hi, I'm Kristen, and it's no secret to my friends that I used to be really obsessed with British pop culture (and low-key still kind of am).

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    (Mostly Doctor Who.)

    My love for everything BBC drove me to study abroad in the UK for a summer. However, even though I traveled and ate all over the UK, there's still so much about British food that remains a mystery to me.

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    I have some burning questions about British cuisine.

    1. What, how, and why is haggis?

    ground beef-like sausage spilling out of its casing
    Pichunter / Getty Images

    The closest I got to this Scottish specialty was a puppy I met named Haggis in Edinburgh.

    2. Who's brilliant idea was it to put beans on toast?

    baked beans on toast

    Not gonna lie, this is what I lived on during my brief time abroad, and I still make it sometimes. I'd like to thank the inventor by name.

    3. Is a Jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake?

    jaffa cake in the middle of a cake/cookie diagram

    They're made from sponge cake, but they're sorted with the biscuits in the store. I know this topic is highly debated, but I really want to know the truth.

    4. WHAT is going on inside an Aero bar?

    5. What makes something a pudding?

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    Yorkshire pudding is a dinner, and chocolate pudding is a dessert — two very different things.

    6. Should I be pronouncing "scone" like it rhymes with own or on?

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    Does it even make a difference?

    7. Why is all your chocolate so sweet?

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    Maybe I'm just more of a dark chocolate person.

    8. Is an egg cup a common thing to have in your kitchen?

    my dinosaur-shaped egg cup
    Kristen Harris / BuzzFeed

    I recently taught myself to make soft boiled eggs, and I was using a flan ramekin to hold them until I finally bought an egg cup. My Loch Ness monster–shaped breakfast friend has made several appearances on my Instagram story.

    9. Why is the meat + puff pastry combination so popular?

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    Sausage rolls, Beef Wellington, meat pies... It's a long list.

    10. What is Daddies Brown Sauce?

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    It was on like every restaurant table, but I was never brave enough to try it.

    11. I'm sorry, but what do you see in Marmite?

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    I tasted it once and honestly the memory still haunts me. It's like putting salted tar on toast. I promise you, there are much better flavors in the world.

    12. Why do you gotta mush the peas?

    Emma Farrer / Getty Images

    I just feel like this would ruin a perfectly good meal.

    13. How do you keep a biscuit from crumbling in your tea?

    Yokrshire Tea / Via

    I always end up with mush in the bottom of my mug.

    14. When should I take the tea bag out?

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    Please share your best practices.

    15. How do y'all come up with such...unique...chip flavors?

    prawn cocktail crisps
    Matthew Horwood / Getty Images / Via

    Like, who ate a potato chip and thought, "I wish this tasted like shrimp"?

    16. Why do you prefer vinegar or gravy with fries over ketchup?

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    Should I give it a go? I'm sure there's a way to make vegetarian-friendly gravy.

    17. Have you actually heard of all the desserts Paul Hollywood challenges the contestants to make on the Great British Bake-Off?

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    The last season alone I had to look up savarins, Florentines, Battenburgs, and Sussex pond puddings.

    18. And finally, why is this called toad in a hole when it looks nothing like an amphibian?

    Sausages in a Yorkshire pudding
    Istetiana / Getty Images

    Sorry, I just don't see it.