Here Is What's In The "American" Section In 17 Grocery Stores From Around The World

    Nothing says America like hot dog-stuffed pizza crust.

    1. In Finland, mayonnaise comes in giant "American size" jars.

    You're gonna need an extra cart to carry that.

    2. In France, hot dogs come in a glass jar.

    This is what will send the villain in Ratatouille 2 down the path of darkness.

    3. And in Germany, they're in huge cans.

    Also seen on "Top 10 Reasons I'm Okay With Being Vegetarian."

    4. Aldi's in Germany advertised an entire "American food week," featuring hot dogs, pickles, and rosé.

    You know, all the Fourth of July staples.

    5. In Spain, you can find these geographically-confused chili beans.

    Still looks yummy, TBH.

    6. Japan sells the cutest baby milk jugs.

    Perfect for the on-the-go dairy drinker.

    7. Germany sells patriotic popcorn by the tin.

    I am an American living in Germany. My grocery store currently has a temporary “American food” section. Join me for a tour of what Germans think Americans eat.

    @erik_kaars / Via Twitter: @erik_kaars

    A yummy snack + a reusable container? Yes, please!

    8. Cool Ranch Doritos transform into Cool American Doritos before they hit the shelves in Iceland.

    Captain America would approve.

    9. Switzerland combines three classic American favorites into a Frankenstein's monster of flavors.

    My sister sent a picture from the "American Food" section in a grocery store in Switzerland.

    @KellyShmo / Via Twitter: @KellyShmo

    For the travelers who just can't decide which dish they miss the most.

    10. In Germany, sandwich bread is very, very American.

    the extent to which sandwich bread and peanut butter are branded with USA stuff surprised me when I first visited here. also frozen pizza & french fries

    @jaytholen / Via Twitter: @jaytholen

    Pairs perfectly with Cool American Doritos.

    11. In Sweden, Twinkies and Pop-Tarts are museum artifacts.


    12. Mr. Peanut's cowboy cousin is on peanut butter jars in Germany.

    He's hanging out with the Statue of Liberty.

    13. In Venezuela, Oreos are a slightly different color.

    They're still milk's favorite cookie.

    14. If bacon at breakfast isn't enough for you, then you can get ...this... on Amazon in the UK.

    I have so many questions, starting with... why?

    15. In Dubai, Pringles are sold by the meter.

    This appears to be a seasonal item, but it's still pretty cool.

    16. In France, macaroni and cheese comes in a can.

    17. And finally, German grocery stores go all out with their American cuisine.

    I always love showing my friends in the US all the “American food” in Germany so here you go. I gotta say, that snack box looks pretty legit. That’s a White Castle order.

    @Quarkitty / Via Twitter: @Quarkitty

    This looks more American than McDonald's.