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    19 "90 Day Fiancé" Posts That Are Funnier Than The Actual Show

    "I love watching everybody have problems as long as I ain't in it."

    1. This vivid description of David's sense of style:

    David looks like your emotionally supportive aunt who is always inviting you to paint night from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    2. This callout:

    The translator wanted drama from 90DayFiance

    Via CBS

    3. This classic case of irony:

    Classic Paul. from 90dayfianceuncensored

    Via TLC

    4. This crew member who is one of us:

    Friends have been asking me why I've decided to reveal my identity as the interpreter on #90dayfiancetheotherway, especially since I'm married and not interested in thirst traps or fame. The answer is quite simple: Memes... I'm here for the memes. #90DayFiance

    @adamlebz1 / Via Twitter: @adamlebzo1

    5. This accurate portrayal of what it's like to watch the show:

    I think we can all relate to David's sentiments a little bit here from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    6. Kenny's biggest flaw:

    I just knew TLC was waiting to reveal some terrible secret about Kenny from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    7. This take on Ed's hairstyling skills:

    When you let your toddler do their own hair before school from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    8. The real reason the show is so much fun to watch:

    Robert is one of us. One of us! from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    9. This reminder that Yolanda's relationship with a man she'd never met would've been a better fit for Catfish:

    The investigator we really wanted to see Yolanda have from 90DayFiance

    Via MTV

    10. This appreciation for the producers' attention to detail:

    My favorite part of this season is that the couples had to pose for grumpy intro photos to show when they're fighting lmao from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    11. The real stars of the 90 Day franchise:

    The camera crew: If we huddle into the corner, nobody will see us from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    12. Deavan's daughter Drascilla being the relatable queen that she is:

    The most I’ve ever related to someone on the show. from 90DayFiance

    Via TLC

    13. Angela capturing the new American dream:


    Via TLC

    14. This astute observation:

    Can I mask you a question? from 90dayfianceuncensored

    15. The best way to make new friends:

    Pretty much. from 90DayFiance

    Via Disney/Pixar

    16. This accurate depiction of Ariela wondering why her husband can't just work from home:

    17. This perfect description of Yolanda refusing to believe she got ghosted by her catfish:

    😂😂 from 90dayfianceuncensored

    18. Even Joe Jonas couldn't resist getting sucked into Yolanda's storyline:

    I’ve been binge watching 90 day fiancé: before the 90 days… If you want to get nice and tipsy… Every time you hear the name ‘Williams’ take a shot

    @joejonas / Via Twitter: @joejonas

    19. And finally, Jenny describing Darcey's feelings after meeting Jesse, Tom, and Georgi:

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