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The 10 Girls You Meet While Traveling - Fashion Edition

Brought to you by GlamOutfit, here are the 10 girls you meet while traveling (fashion edition). Check out GlamOutfit to make sure you are always on target with your traveling style.

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The "You're Overdoing It" Girl


She has her fake nails, high heels, flowing dress, and hair did. She looks great. But it is only 10:00AM and you know after a full day of traveling it is going to be hot mess central. She has applied makeup as if she were going to spend the day in an air conditioned office. Also she doesn’t realize in certain light you can see her…ehmmm…undergarments.

The "You Clearly Didn’t Check The Weather" Girl

This can range from, you clearly didn’t check the weather to you are definitely not prepared to hike to the top of that hill. She wears shorts and sandals in the rain. A heavy coat during a heat wave. And a dress before hiking what Trip Advisor warns as a “mild hike”. Ya feel for her…but ya don’t.

The "Did You Buy That Here?" Girl

This girl you see in passing. She is wearing a top or pants that are so cute and unique you have to have them! But did she buy them here? You spend the rest of the trip peeking into boutiques and casually searching online for, “white sweater with black trim that kind of comes off the shoulders but not really in Paris”. Good luck my friend.

The "She Must Be Towards The End Of The Trip, Cause She Looks Wrecked" Girl


This girl is tired. She is wearing dirty laundry, her nails are chipped, and with deep bags under here eyes…she is just ready to go home. The worst part? You gaze at her looking into your future, cause you now know the inevitable.

The "From Another World" Girl


While this girl may look like she travels the world, she has probably only been to Amsterdam…and it wasn’t to visit Anne Frank’s house. She has dangly jewelry all over and breathable pants with colorful elephants. Her backpack has a weed patch and she is on her way to a cheap hostel near the train station.

The "I Just Got Dressed For Instagram" Girl

This girl based her entire trip and outfits based off of photos she saw on Instagram. She may not always blend in as a local but she has follower numbers that will put yours to shame. She has one, maybe two, sponsors and her boyfriend takes all her photos.

The "I Dress Like Where I Am From Not Where I Am Going" Girl


This girl loves her home town. So she brings it with her. She doesn’t care about blending in with the locals nor did she do any research while packing. She threw in her favorite jersey shorts, NFL t-shirt, flip flops, and headed off to France!

The "Very Put Together" Girl


There is no way this girl pack those shoes in her carry on! There is no way her makeup looks that great with hotel bathroom lighting! Somehow this girl looks like a local in every way. She is well rested and knows how to travel with the comforts of home.

The "Travel For Comfort" Girl


This lovely lady packs for comfort and utility. She doesn’t care to much about fashion. Just that she has enough pockets for her water, snack, chapstick, and maps. She is the one you go to when you need a band-aid or advil. You can always count on her to be around, because her feet will never hurt with those snazzy Newbalance sneakers.

The "Expert" Girl


The one you consult while packing. She knows every trick in the book and packs with such quickness and precision you would think she packs luggage for a living. She can fit a months worth of outfits in a carry-on. She has a travel size hair dryer and straightener. When you think it can’t get any better, she shows you her new luggage with a USB charger and filtered water dispenser.

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