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    I Had A Spider Infestation — This Is What I Did.

    CAUTION: Images Ahead Not Suitable For People Afraid Of Bugs.

    Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve started noticing a lot of things. Dusty window blinds, 2 year old expired quinoa, but above all — leggy ceiling stalkers.

    Spiders hanging on my bedroom ceiling
    Kristen George

    I started seeing them everywhere - corners, closets, on my balcony — but the ceiling ones were the worst.

    I’m the last person you’ll find hanging out with spiders. I’m typically a run away and pretend they left, type of gal.

    HomeAlone / Via

    Out of sight, out of mind, out of house (maybe).

    So when I started seeing a clan of spiders, I went to the store. And this is what I saw.

    Kristen George

    An entire 4 shelves of chemicals. Which was crazy to me, because I’ve been using my natural Dr. Bronner’s Hand Soap and Method Surface Cleaner for years.

    I have a dog who I catch daily licking the floors for no good reason, and I wasn’t about to go spray more chemicals in my home that she could lick up.

    SmartPossum / Via

    So I started digging. And I found this brand EXO on ThingTesting. Their website says they’re 'plant-powered bug killers you're not afraid of — home pest control redesigned for the 21st century.'

    EXO plant-powered insecticides
    EXO / Via

    Call me intrigued.

    I went to EXO’s website and saw they had just what I needed - a natural spider killer for $13.99. And I placed my order. Now we wait.

    EXO / Via

    Low and behold, we didn’t wait long. My shipping confirmation came in just 4 hours — and the box appeared at my doorstep 2 days later. Hello Amazon Speeds.

    Shipping box that arrived with EXO product and card
    Kristen George

    Guilty of 5/10 of those.

    And so I went at it. It didn’t take me too long to track a spider down. And ooh baby, that sucker was down for the count.

    Dead spider with EXO can
    Kristen George

    After spraying, it took about 30 seconds for the spider to completely die. It had a last stand spazzing out trying to crawl away, but around 20 seconds post spray it’s creepy crawly legs curled up. Then from there it was just about sweeping that sucker up and tossing it.

    Call me the newest fan of EXO, but look, the craziest thing happened after this. There were less spiders in that room after killing that spider. It was like all the spiders saw what happened, packed their bags, and left.

    Spider crawling with suitcase
    Clipart Library / Via

    I did some research and turns out that while this spray works on contact, the active plant ingredients actually exert some repellency as well.

    And that’s the story of how I evicted my spider roommates.

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