This TikTok Explaining Why Women Get Period Cramps Is Oddly Interesting

    Proof that TikTok is educational, too!

    Recently, as I was perusing my TikTok feed (trying to pretend I'm a Gen Z'er and not a millennial), something caught my eye.

    I won't lie, it caught my eye 'cause it was a liiiiiiittle graphic. But after seeing that it was about period cramps (something I experience every month as a female), I was intrigued.

    Now that you know what to expect from the thumbnail above, here's the video:

    The video has more than 4 million views and was posted by @theinstituteofhumananatomy. The Institute of Human Anatomy is run by Jonathan Bennion, Jeremy Jones, and Justin Cottle.

    BuzzFeed spoke with Jeremy Jones, who said they use human cadavers that have been donated to science to educate people about the human body. "We believe that people should have access to this knowledge in order to help them better understand how their body works, make informed choices about their health, and to inspire people to pursue careers that will help other people live happy and healthy lives."

    Jeremy said they decided to post the video about period cramps because they constantly receive questions about the female menstrual cycle. "Women obviously have to deal with this frequently, so we thought it would be great to explain what was going on during just one part of this cycle." They go into more detail in the YouTube video below.

    View this video on YouTube

    Jeremy added, "What's interesting about this topic and video is that period cramps only cover about three to five days (unfortunately a few more days for some women) of the female sex and menstrual cycle. There is so much more we want to explore in future videos about this cycle!"

    I know, the female body is FASCINATING!

    Jeremy said they also discuss many other topics on their social pages — including GI anatomy, thyroid function, hernias, and so much more.

    The Institute of Human Anatomy is also working on a Patreon account, as well as a podcast. To learn more, you can visit their website.