People With Big Boobs Are Making Hilarious Jokes About DIY Bra Masks For Protection Against The Coronavirus

    "Use your bra as a face mask for coronavirus. I have seven people in each cup."

    At the end of January, Light TV published a YouTube video showing how to make a face mask out of a bra:

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    And even though creating a face mask out of a bra isn't a new discovery, DIY videos have resurfaced in response to coronavirus fears.

    Womanhood's greatest secret has been to turn ur bra into a face mask

    Some TV stations are even having segments about how to make them!

    Please tell me I didn't just see a tv news segment where they made a corona virus mask out of a used bra with scissors and a stapler...🙈🙈🙈💀

    Making the bra masks includes cutting the straps and either sewing or hot-gluing them to fit around your ears:

    Don't worry about the face mask shortage because you can make one with a bra

    So, Facebook user Ciara Frazier shared her experience trying to make some in a now-viral Facebook post:

    Facebook: whitney.stewart.351

    One of her bra cups covered her entire face, and she wrote about how she couldn't see or breathe. Ciara's post has over 200,000 shares and is just hilarious.

    Other people also started joking about how their bra masks would cover their entire face:

    Came across a post on Facebook that shows how to repurpose your bra into a face mask so naturally I had to try it😅🤣 Good to know I walk around with TWO OF MY FACES on my chest everyday🙂

    Or how they could protect multiple people in just one of their cups.

    Pro Tip: Use your bra as a face mask for coronavirus. I have 7 people in each cup.

    Honestly, it was just really funny to see entire faces covered with bra cups.

    Some people are making masks from bras because of the mask shortage due to Coronavirus fears. Thought I’d try mine for size.

    I did not talk to a medical expert about whether or not a bra would work as well as an actual face mask, but common sense tells me it is better than nothing! Also, my mom is a nurse, and here's what she said when I asked her:

    So, what's the next item to sell out after hand sanitizer, water, and toilet paper? Bras.

    I’m seeing tips online for how to make a protective face mask from a bra cup. I think this is a brilliant idea to prevent sickness because everybody is going to avoid the crazy person wearing a bra on their face