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If You Have A Hard Bump On The Roof Of Your Mouth, You're Part Of A Small Percentage Of The Population Who Does

I thought everyone had this!

In today's episode of "Things I Learned on TikTok," we will be talking about your mouth. The roof of your mouth, to be exact.

So, go ahead, run your tongue on the roof of your mouth right now. Is it smooth or is there a bump?

If you felt a bump, then you're part of a small percentage of the population who has one. TikTok user @zoekwee recently discovered that not all people have this bump like she does:


Anyone else have this on the roof of their mouth!?!?!? #fyp #foryou #gonnabefriends #foryoupage

♬ original sound - zoekwee

So, as someone who also has the bump, I was hard blinking while watching the video. And I was surprised after neither my husband nor my son had it either. So I did some research:

Apparently, this ~bump~ is called torus palatinus and it is harmless. It is located in the middle of the hard palate and varies in size.

Roughly, only 20–30% of the population has torus palantis, and it is most common in women and those who have Asian descent.

Basically, it's not that common, but it also isn't something you need to worry about. PHEW! So, if you have one, carry on with your life knowing your mouth is sorta unique!!!