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Here's What People Are Finding Inside Their Dishwasher Filters After Cleaning Them For The First Time On TikTok

I'm truly sorry. This is for educational purposes.

People on TikTok are cleaning their dishwasher filters for the first time, and what they're finding inside them is nasty! 🤢 So, if you didn't already know, every dishwasher has a filter that should be cleaned periodically.

NOTE: Dishwashers are supposed to be self-cleaning mechanisms, but they still need upkeep and maintenance so they perform like they should.

User @inspectormurph found some pretty gross gunk in their filter:

And user @jhday1177 found some white stuff in theirs:

TikToker @dakotarkendall discovered food particles and mystery black speckles:

I'm sorry, but user @kaleylascola found what looks like a mix between cottage cheese and oatmeal in theirs:


Apparently dishwashers have filters 🤢

♬ original sound - darbisellshomes

And user @amyloomisbonney found something too yucky to explain:


Finally convinced my husband TikTok is useful can’t let this fail!! cleaned my dishwasher. #fyp #clean #oregon #yelling #foryoupage

♬ original sound - amyloomisbonney

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I, too, did not know dishwashers had filters that you should be cleaning. And I had no idea how to remove them, either — but it was easy! There should be an arrow telling you which way to turn to unlock it, and then it should pop right out. Mine (which has been in my place for who knows how long) was coated with a thick layer of mineral deposits from the water.

Although it was horrifying, cleaning it was so satisfying! Here are the before and after pics of my filter:

So, if you didn't already know, now you do. Thank you TikTok, for teaching me another important lesson.