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Instagram Users Totally Love This Guy's Horrifyingly Awesome Special Effects Makeup

Warning: These injuries may be fake, but they're still super gross.

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Instagram users can't get enough of this guy's insanely horrifying special-effects creations.

Marc Clancy, a 39-year-old graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia, takes these the gruesome makeup photos as a hobby. He started around two years ago.

Clancy told BuzzFeed News that he started the account as a way of documenting his progress, and that his popularity is an unexpected perk.

Press play below to see how one of Clancy's gruesome creations looks when moving.

Clancy said that his followers have been hugely supportive of his work and often ask for tips on how they can take up the art.

"Lots of horror and makeup fans enjoy it," Clancy said. "I've had the odd photo removed by Instagram because they are too gruesome but it's mostly all been positive reactions."

Can't imagine why...

You can find Clancy's work on his Instagram and his YouTube page.

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