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18 Things That Will Definitely Happen While Parenting A Tween

Life with a tween is awesome/terrifying. Hold me.

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3. You will grapple with wanting to be their friend while being mindful of the fact that what they need most is a parent.

4. You'll second-guess your decisions time and time again.


Tweens are well versed in the art of manipulation. I know, I know, all their friends have Instagram. You're the only parent who says no. You are sure it's a no, right?

6. They will come home and share pieces of their day and you will be so glad you're done with school.

Only you're not. Here you are trying to help your kid navigate friendship woes and book reports — from your kitchen table.

Is it bedtime yet?

7. You know you have to let them fight their own battles even if you really, really want to do it for them.


Turns out sometimes they'll still need you to. Other times all they need is to know you're in their corner and always will be.

9. The internet will terrify you.


It's not the grownups that are freaking you out. It's their kids — bullying, sexting and omg the language. What were parents even afraid of before social media?

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