25 Simple Ways To Cultivate A Love Of Reading In Your Children

    So you want to raise a bookworm?

    1. Get a head start and start reading with them before they even exit the womb.

    2. Don't limit reading aloud to bedtime.

    3. Let them see you reading.

    4. Always keep a book or two on hand.

    5. Avoid using reading as a punishment.

    6. Frequent your local library or bookstore.

    7. And attend the book readings.

    8. Gift books.

    9. Read the same book your kid is reading.

    10. Create or join a book club.

    11. Teach children to be gentle with books.

    12. Be animated when reading aloud.

    13. Make reading relatable by finding books that your children can identify with.

    14. It's OK not to finish the book or even a full chapter.

    15. Reward them for reading.

    16. Let them author a story of their own.

    17. Incorporate books into your holiday traditions.

    18. They make great milestone markers too!

    19. Plan a family project that will require some research.

    20. Ensure that books are easily accessible.

    21. Older siblings make great helpers — let them take the lead.

    22. Don't limit reading to traditional sources.

    23. Select books featuring familiar and loved characters.

    24. Read the book AND watch the movie.

    25. Make reading a family activity.