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11 People Who Can't Hold On To Anything

Five fingers of fail. Need stuff to stick? Try Krazy Glue.

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1. These beach buddies who've been out in the sun too long:


Definitive proof that everything is better in slo-mo.

2. This guy who's definitely had enough to drink already:

3. This fisherman who lost his dinner:


The scales weren't in his favor.

4. This dad who knows how to make a first impression:

5. This poor kid who was just trying to lend a helping hand:


But really: What is Dad building? A grave?

6. This crane operator who just lost his job:


"No, no – he said drop the boat off at the jetty."

7. This kangaroo who just lost a Twitter follower:


And his ball.

8. This waitress who could use some more trayning:


"Did someone order the egg drop soup?"

9. This band kid WHO HAD ONE JOB:


At least he solutes his fellow bandmates out of respect.

10. This hamster that's making the long wiggle to freedom:

11. And this baby who cannot grab his spoon, no matter how many times he tries:

Never underestimate the power of a sure grip. And nothing has the adhesive strength you can count on like Krazy Glue.