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10 Back-To-School Hacks That Will Save The Day

Krazy Glue to the rescue!

1. Keep your kid organized with a magnetic chalkboard calendar.

You'll need some bubble tile, round magnets, Krazy Glue, a permanent marker, a sheet of black vinyl, and some washi tape. First, Krazy Glue the bubble tiles to the round magnets. Then have your child write numbers on the tiles, from 1 to 31 (to represent the days of the month). Stick the black vinyl sheet on the side of your refrigerator, make a nice frame with washi tape, and watch your kid get organized!

2. Make a rainbow watercolor backpack.

All you need is a white backpack of your choice, some fabric paint pens, and a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the backpack down with water. Get it damp, but not soaking wet. Now when your child touches the paint pens to the damp bag, they'll turn into watercolors! They can also decorate the front pocket using Krazy Glue and rhinestones to make their very own customized, one-of-a-kind backpack.

3. Create personalized leaf bookmarks.

Help your kid Krazy Glue some of their favorite fallen or artificial leaves together in a generally rectangular shape (no wider than the width of your average book). Then they can decorate their new bookmark with acrylic paint to give it some style!

4. Help your child customize their computer or tablet.

Every school laptop needs a case, and your kid can design their own! You can buy a clear laptop case online. Then, with some paint pens, stickers, Krazy Glue, and other craft supplies they can make a laptop case that's as unique and creative as they are!

5. Customize your kid's backpack with some homemade beaded backpack tags.

Get some crafting beads, string, Krazy Glue, and a small plastic toy or trinket (like a little plastic dinosaur or action figure). Poke a hole all the way through the toy using a drill or a nail. Thread a 3- to 5-inch length of string through the hole, tie it off on the bottom, and secure it with Krazy Glue. Then add some beads on top of your trinket, tie the other end to your child's backpack, and send them off to school in style!

6. An old makeup bag makes a perfect, personalized pencil case...

Don't throw away that old makeup bag! First, patch up any tears or rips with Krazy Glue. Then give your child some acrylic paint and let them customize their new fancy pencil case however they'd like!

7. ...Or you can make your own pencil case out of an empty cereal box!

If your kid is old enough to value class and sophistication, then they can make their own custom pencil case from scratch! They'll need an empty cereal box, Krazy Glue, some magnets, 1/4 yard of felt, and 1/4 yard of craft paper or fabric of your choice. Cut a 7"x11" rectangle out of the cereal box and Krazy Glue felt to the inside of it. Cut some slits and tabs in the corners, fold the cardboard into a rectangular shape, and Krazy Glue all the sides together, leaving one of the short ends open. Cut an additional 2" rectangle from the cereal box and Krazy Glue it to the open end so it folds over the top of your box. Then Krazy Glue your fabric or craft paper around the outside of the box one side at a time. Finally, Krazy Glue the magnets in place to keep the tab closed, fill it with your pencils or other school supplies, and enjoy!

8. A glass jar is perfect for holding pencils and other supplies.

Grab a glass jar (like an old pasta sauce jar) and some acrylic paint, and let your child design their own custom pencil jar! They can Krazy Glue some decorations to it to make it a true masterpiece, and they're more likely to use the pencil jar if they made it, right?!

9. Organize your at-home school supplies with colorful characters.

If you don't have any glass jars lying around (or if your kid is a little too young for that), you can do the same thing with toilet paper rolls! Help your kid Krazy Glue two googly eyes onto them and make each one a different character!

10. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, why not make a corkboard America?

Krazy Glue / Via

Here's a fun project for your older ones. They'll need a 30"x40" piece of plywood, a 24"x48" piece of cork, some paint, Krazy Glue, and an X-Acto knife. First, enlarge an image of the US to 24"x48". Place it over the cork and trace the shape with an X-Acto knife, cutting out each state individually. Paint your plywood however you'd like (this will be your background). Then Krazy Glue the cork states to the plywood, starting at the center and working your way out. When you're done, you'll finally know where all of the states are located, and you'll have an awesome corkboard!

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Back-to-school can be a krazy time of year, but you and your kid are ready for it. And Krazy Glue is here to help!

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