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A Day In The Life Of #2

red lobster!!

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A day in the life of #2

So I woke up early this morning it was planned for my friend and I to go to the mall and out to eat....

WELL. That didn't happen. She was way too tired to go to the mall, so we ended up just going to Red Lobster. The waiter was really cute ! Knowing me.. Guess what i did?!?

I did........ Ask him if he is a gamer and he is xD!! I gave him my number... and I looked him up on facebook like the stalker that I am... and well, just to my luck.... HE IS GAY. I said it.. He is gay :( WHYYYYYYYY?!?!! Why are all the cuties gay?! it makes no sense to me LOL. I gave him my twitch name and told him we could play some games together and he like took it down but didn't do anything with it because hes gay!!! It makes sense now. WHY IS HE GAY?! Why are all the cute guys gay? I swear it always happens to me!

I ate so much shrimp, god bless, and I also had a margarita at 11am :D Don't judge me!

I'm here at work tonight dreading it but whatever.. Today is going by so fast though and I'm enjoying it.. I haven't hung up on anyone tonight or been rude or anything! Tier 1 is actually easy. I need to find another job to do along side this one, or maybe another job in general.

OH. So my mom wants to quit her job again, my dad CANNOT go through that again he will flip sh*t!! I have no clue what to do, so she only has to work till November!! AND THATS IT. But no she can't do it anymore she says. So I told her to tell her boss that she can only do 12-16 hours a week, and then tell my dad they cut her hours, atleast he won't be "too mad". It's the only thing I could think of..

Life struggles are hard... I wish I knew side gigs to do, I've thought about being a phone actress but I don't think it's for me, because it's all about CAM girls now, and I'm too scared to show my body to strangers and such on the web lol..

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