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10 Reasons Grilled Cheese Is The Most Comforting Comfort Food

Nothing fixes a bad day like gooey grilled cheese. And now you can do it without artificial preservatives, thanks to KRAFT Singles!

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1. Bad day at work? Struggling relationship? General grouchiness? Sounds like you need some comfort food.

2. Fact: No bad day ever continued after a grilled cheese came onto the scene.


It's the ultimate comfort food. It actually comforts you. Like how a puppy snuggling you for warmth does.

5. As your masterpiece sizzles in your pan, with the crust turning that perfect golden shade of brown, your problems just seem to disappear.

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OK, fine, it's mostly because you're just REALLY hungry at this point. Just bear with us, all right?

9. There's nothing better than pulling apart the two halves of your sandwich with the gooey melted goodness just clinging to either side.

10. When you bite into it, it's as if time stops, and absolutely nothing else matters.

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Chew like nobody's watching. Hopefully no one else is watching, because they'd probably get jealous.

So what are you waiting for? Your mouth is watering for a reason!


Go on. Make yourself that grilled cheese you know you deserve. And to make things even better, Kraft Singles have no artificial preservatives!

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