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17 Stages Of Essay Writing As Told By The Beatrix Potter Ballet

In 2007, the Royal Ballet put on a production of The Tales of Beatrix Potter and it's the best thing to ever happen to me. Also, it is 2am and I hate myself and all of my ideas.

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1. Having so many ideas and so much time; acknowledgement of personal genius

2. Going to coffeeshops in the early stages, pretending to be productive

3. Writing a ridiculous and flowery introduction, rife with sweeping generalizations

4. Intense pride for starting early

5. Not writing the essay because of time spent convincing people how difficult it is to write the essay

6. I am incredible!

7. First sight of the rapidly approaching due date

8. Conscious and deliberate self-destructive avoidance

9. Paralyzing fear

10. Self-awareness

11. Dancing around the point to meet the page count

12. A bit of this and a bit of that

13. Wanting so badly to give up

14. I am useless!

15. This is the worst thing I have ever written

16. Turning the damn thing in anyway

17. Sliding into bed ignoring a painful awareness of my incompetence

TALES OF BEATRIX POTTERThe Royal Ballet 2007Music, Giacomo MeyerbeerArranged by John LanchberyChoreography, Frederick AshtonProduction, Anthony DowellDesigns, Christine Edzard in collaboration with Catherine GoodleyMasks, Rostislav DoboujinskyLighting , Mark HendersonStaging, Christopher Carr and Grant Coyle
Johan Persson


The Royal Ballet 2007

Music, Giacomo Meyerbeer

Arranged by John Lanchbery

Choreography, Frederick Ashton

Production, Anthony Dowell

Designs, Christine Edzard in collaboration with Catherine Goodley

Masks, Rostislav Doboujinsky

Lighting , Mark Henderson

Staging, Christopher Carr and Grant Coyle

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