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What Kind Of Homophobe Are You?

Time to get serious and challenge your worldview!

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  1. What do you associate with being gay?
  2. Your friend just gave you a call and came out to you. How do you react?
    I play it off with a joke and change the topic.
    I scream out of happiness and immediately ask them to go on a shopping trip with me to celebrate.
    I hang up.
    I make sure everything about our friendship stays the same.
    I express my sincere happiness that they have found the strength to come out.
    I start a conversation about what being gay is like.
  3. What do you think about the word faggot?
    What about it?
    It's an accurate description of.. well.. faggots.
    It's a slur word that must not be used to refer to gay men, unless it's gay men using it in an empowering way.
    My gay best friend gave me permission to use it!
    It bothers me, but I don't call people out for saying it.
    I know it's a bad word, but this is America and we have the freedom of speech.
  4. You're in a restaurant and the gay couple sitting next to you is being kicked out. How do you react?
    I'm sad for the couple but I don't take action.
    I intervene, talk to the staff and encourage other customers to stop this homophobic activity.
    I'm happy the staff finally reacts to my complaints about the couple forcing their beliefs on me.
    I know that freedom of religion is protected under the first amendment and hope that the couple will respect other people's religion in the future.
    I'm scared but I don't intervene.
    I take a video of it, post about it on Facebook and express my anger about the situation, but I don't directly intervene.
  5. What is the most important problem the LGBT community needs to tackle in 2017?
    The most important problem is the systematic discrimination of traditional families by the homosexual agenda.
    I don't know any problems of the gay community because I'm not a part of it.
    Instead of ranking the importance of issues, let's tackle all of them at once. Whether it's donating blood, adopting children or being discriminated in the workplace, we need to end all discrimination to end systematic homophobia.
    Let's just all become nicer people!
    Legal homophobia is not a thing. Let's focus on real problems like mass unemployment or border security.
    Although I do agree with gay rights activists, we shouldn't overwhelm society and only do what a societal majority wants. We're a democracy after all.
  6. Last Question: Are you homophobic?
    I'm trying to be the least homophobic I can, but I have to keep checking myself and educating myself on LGBT issues to be a good ally.
    If being a proud heterosexual is considered homophobic nowadays, hell yeah I am!
    I'm not homophobic, I just want the world to be a good place for everybody, even homophobes.
    I'm not homophobic! I relate to gay people because I love watching Rupaul's Drag Race.
    I'm not homophobic, in fact, I talk to my gay friends a lot.
    I'm okay with people being gay, but it's just not me.

What Kind Of Homophobe Are You?

You got: Internalized Homophobe

You are gay, but struggling to accept your sexuality. Your greatest wish is to be straight and "just like everybody else", but deep inside you know it's just not realistic. But don't worry, although homosexuality can't be "cured", (internalized) homophobia sure can! Learn to love yourself, surround yourself with supportive people and embrace your sexuality!

Internalized Homophobe
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You got: The Gay's Best Friend

You LOVE the gays. Having a gay bff has been your dream since you first saw Damian in Mean Girls, and you cannot wait to meet a Gay™ in real life and take him shopping with you. There’s just one problem with this: Your actions are homophobic. Gay people are more than their wardrobe, and behind every gay person is a story to tell. So please stop objectifying them and start actually appreciating their character, not their sexuality.

The Gay's Best Friend
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You got: Blatant Homophobe

Wow! You are 100% homophobic and let everyone know. We get it, you think God hates fags and that it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. You are more concerned with which bathroom children should be forced to use than protecting them from deeply traumatizing experiences in schools. You obviously have a lot of work to do; watching Brokeback Mountain might be a start.

Blatant Homophobe
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You got: I'm Not Homophobic, But...

The classic. You tell everyone you’re not homophobic, but gay people still make you uncomfortable. Sentences like “I’m not homophobic, but I believe that gay people should not be kissing in public.” are, in fact, quite homophobic. So please, next time you consider saying crap like that, just… don’t. And no, the fact that you have a gay friend is not an excuse.

I'm Not Homophobic, But...
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You got: You're Not

Congratulations! You are not homophobic. However, make sure to check your privilege. Raise your voice when gay people are silenced, but also learn to be quiet when it’s not your time to speak. Being a good ally is a challenge, but you’re on the right track. (And no, the A does not stand for ally.)

You're Not
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You got: Curious Homophobe

You view yourself as a curious heterosexual and most likely not as homophobic person. However, contrary to popular belief, being curious isn’t always good. Questions like “Who’s the man in the relationship?” or “Have you ever had real sex?” are not only annoying and stupid, but also reinforce heteronormative standards and homophobic stereotypes. Instead of asking offensive questions, why not talk to gay people like you would talk to anyone else? Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

Curious Homophobe
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