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26 Absolutely Stunning Paper Flower DIYs

No water necessary.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Coffee Filter Flowers

Create for Less / Via

A beautiful use for those precious coffee filters, because you should switch to a French press anyway.

2. A Field of Blooms

BeColorAnd / Via

Fill your windowsills with lovely little blooms and leave the messy flower boxes to your less informed neighbors.

3. Paper Camellias

Lia Griffith / Via

Paper camellias are perfect for a pretty spring wreath or festive table decor.

4. Paperwhites

Lia Griffith / Via

5. Paper Anemones

Lia Griffith / Via

A gorgeous bouquet option, mix them in with fresh flowers for maximum impact.

6. Ranunculus

Something Turquoise / Via

These are made out of felt, but thick cardstock would work as well.

7. Stamped Paper Flowers

Fairgoods / Via

A great way to wrap up gifts or mark table settings for a dinner party.

8. Fringed Paper Flowers

All Things Paper / Via

Fringed paper makes sweet little blooms you can use as decor or accessories.

9. Giant Paper Roses

Green Wedding Shoes / Via

Take your party decor to the next level with loads of oversized paper flowers.

10. Paper Peonies

Decora Recicla Imagina / Via

The instructions are in Spanish, but the pictures will guide you through just fine!

11. Magazine Flowers

Rock n Roll Bride / Via

Who said print was dead? Put all those magazine ads to seriously cool use.

12. Paper Autumn Flowers

Foxy Folksy / Via

Bring a little autumn color into your spring decor with crepe paper roses.

13. Paper Flower Hair Accessory

Paper & Stitch / Via

Go full "spring has sprung" by scattering little paper roses in your hair.

14. Tissue Paper Flowers

My Fabuless Life / Via

A great way to use up extra tissue paper from gift wrapping.

15. Twisted Paper Flowers

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

A cool technique that gives a fresh, modern floral look.

16. Crepe Paper Bouquet

Ruffled Blog / Via

Would you use a paper bouquet for your wedding? This may be the one to change your mind...

17. Paper Tulips

The Knot / Via

No need to switch out your floral centerpiece every week, make up bunches of paper tulips instead.

18. Paper Narcissus

The House That Lars Built / Via

Also known as a daffodil.

19. Hanging Tissue Paper Flowers

Mid South Bride / Via

Who wouldn't want to come home everyday to paper flower bombs hanging from the ceiling?

20. Large Paper Window Flowers

Pizzazzarie / Via

Great for a window display, even better for over-decorating your home windows.

21. Paper Hyacinths

All Day Chic / Via

Maybe a bit time consuming, but the results are totally worth it!

22. Paper Flower Cone Bouquet

Oh Happy Day / Via

Bust these out at your next springtime party.

23. Paper Flower Centerpiece

The Casual Craftlete / Via

24. Paper Spider Mums

Live Laugh Rowe / Via

Use colorful paper mums to fill out an existing bouquet.

25. Persimmon Bouquet

Simply Kelly Designs / Via

Persimmons are beautiful, even more so when they last for months.

26. Paper Lotus

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

Last, but most definitely not least, the lotus.

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