10 DIY Ways To Recover From Tax Season

Tax season take a toll on you this year? Here are a few ways to gain your sanity back!

1. Manage your stress

Moon Frye / Via

Sometimes the simple act of refocusing your frustration can help you release it. Play-dough filled balloons make quick and easy stress balls that you can keep stashed at your desk.

2. Chill out

Livin’ the Crunchy Life / Via

Lavender and vanilla have calming properties, so take some time to chill out in a bath with a homemade sugar scrub and wash those tax problems away (if only theoretically).

3. Have a drink

Martha Stewart / Via

Take a little decompression time with a lovely spring cocktail.

4. Make yourself something pretty

Jen Carreiro / Via

Because sometimes wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry instantly elevates your mood. Double the happiness if it’s something you made!

5. Get your knit on

Shona Stitches / Via

If you’re an avid knitter you already know the stress-relieving benefits of spending time with your yarn and needles, so why not get started on a gorgeous new project?

6. Organize your space

Emily Wall / Via

Is your desk a chaotic mess after furiously digging through receipts and documents and tax forms? Get your life back together with a simple hanging letter and document organizer.

7. Treat yourself

Tempting Thyme / Via

Sometimes the only thing that can help a truly bad day is overloading on chocolate and peanut butter.

8. Get prepped for next year

Simple as That / Via

Make an adorable notebook that will help you keep track of your spending and receipts so you can really nail all of those deductions next year!

9. Learn a new skill

Anne / Via

Refocus that stress on learning a new skill, like embroidery!

10. Look at this dog in a sweater

Via Wool and the Gang

No, seriously. Just look at him and try to be stressed. It’s not possible!

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