10 Ways To Add Some Sass With Tassels

So you’ve already put a bird and a bow on it. What’s next? We say tassels!

1. DIY Tassel Sass

A little leather, a little glue and you’ve got a chic new add-on to your belt, totes, clutches and more!

2. Tassel Belt

Put a tassel on it - your belt that is.

3. Tassel Jewelry

Mix a few beads in with your tassels to make some eye catching accessories.

4. Tassel Necklace

Or keep it simple and let those tassels speak for themselves!

5. Stenciled Giant Tassel Pillows

You can even add ‘em to your home decor. Who doesn’t want to throw themselves on these tassel pillows after a long day?

6. Finge Tassel Garland

Tassels as a party decoration? Great! Tassels as your everyday wall decor? Even better!


Listen up: tassels + hoops = one major statement.

8. Tassel Scarf

A basic scarf is boring. You gotta upgrade with some tassel trim!

9. Balloon Tassels

We don’t know about you, but we totally wanna hang out with these balloons.

10. Tassel Envelopes

EVERYONE will want to come to your party. We promise.

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