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10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Pets

Because of course your trusty sidekick is just dying to dress up as a piece of sushi for the night.

1. Dino Dog

Martha Stewart / Via

Fearsome and ferocious in a doggie dino tank.

2. Candy Corn Kitty

DIY Maven / Via

Give a shout out to everyone's favorite Halloween candy with a cute crochet sweater.

3. Candy Crushin'

Irresistible Pets / Via

For when you sometimes pay more attention to your Candy Crush score than your pup.

4. Sushi Pooch

Eat Sleep Make / Via


5. Super Cat!

Sarah / Via

Because he's practicing those pouncing skills for something!

6. Ch-ch-ch-CHIA!

Flirty Guide / Via

And the best part is, you don't have to water this one!

7. Bunny Pup

Craftside / Via

A pair of knit bunny ears are sure to get you and your pooch more than a few "awwww's"

8. Lil Piñata

Studio DIY / Via

9. Wildcat

The Curious Kiwi / Via

Let your furry friend live out their jungle cat fantasies.

10. Spider Mutt

Sea Lemon / Via

Because you know you're still laughing at that spider dog prank video!