10 Awesome DIY Projects For Bloggers

We’re heading to our favorite blogger conference, Alt Summit, in Salt Lake City this week and this is what we’re making to get prepared!

1. For laptops.

Meike Bambuch / Via

Who knew a rug and old belt could make the perfect cover for that precious computer?

2. For business cards.

Melissa Buwembo / Via

Because who won’t want to work with you when you pull your card out of a sharp little leather case?

3. For cell phones.

High on Glue / Via

Between all the Tweeting and Instagramming we may as well go ahead and glue this to our hand for the week, but an all-in-one phone carrying case is the next best thing.

4. For cameras.

Vanessa Hewell / Via

Not all moments can properly be captured with just an iPhone. That’s why we’re keeping a slim digital stashed in a cool pouch just in case.

5. For a professional camera.

Lula Louise / Via

Annnnnnd sometimes we gotta get serious, like strapping that DSLR on and getting down to business!

6. For note-taking.

Caught on a Whim / Via

Sorry but sometimes basic notebooks just won’t do — make yours one-of-a-kind with a little embroidery.

7. For writing tools.

Dear Stella Design / Via

A roll up pencil or pen case which could also double as a sweet stash spot for our knitting needles and crochet hooks should we need to get some yarn time between panels.

8. For tablets.

Lovely Indeed / Via

Sometimes it’s just so much easier to type all of those notes out on an iPad wrapped up in a gilded case, amirite?!

9. For…everything.

Ashley Rose / Via

The perfect bag to stash all of those daily necessities. We’re gonna take it a step further by adding a little DIY silkscreen of our logo for maximum impact!

10. For yourself.

Alex / Via

We can’t forget to actually wear something we made. A set of painted earrings will do just the trick!

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