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    31 Totally Adorable Holiday DIYs

    Whether it's the twelfth day of Christmas or the first.

    Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

    1. Mini Wreaths

    Hipaholic / Via

    Turn broken tree branches into adorable recycled decor.

    2. Printable Drink Labels

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Printable labels for your next dinner party get together.

    3. Holiday Tea Towels

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Get in the spirit with a set of easy, festive tea towels.

    4. Crochet Snowflakes

    Tin Can Knits / Via

    Delicate crochet snowflakes that just beg to be hung in large windows.

    5. Holiday Vases

    Mark Montano / Via

    A little gold paint goes on a long way with the right design and vase color.

    6. Metallic Wooden Balls

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Perfectly painted for tree hanging or mobile-making.

    7. Snowflake Votive

    Create for Less / Via

    Line your windowsills with sweet snowflake votives.

    8. Mini Snow Globes

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Bring a little (literally) winter wonderland into your holiday decor.

    9. Printable Angels

    Ellen Giggenbach / Via

    Pretty, printable and bright. Just what your mantel decor has been looking for.

    10. Cutout Cards

    All Things Paper / Via

    Just in time to send those last minute holiday greetings.

    11. Beaded Tassel Ornaments

    Sew DIY / Via

    Tassels + painted wooden beads = the best easy DIY tree decor ever.

    12. Adorable Gift Wrap

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Make those gifts really stand out this year with cool cutout wrapping additions.

    13. Felt Tree Garland

    Handmade Charlotte / Via

    Felt scraps turned into cute tree garland.

    14. Mini Canvas Ornaments

    Create/Enjoy / Via

    Express your inner artist by decking your halls with mini canvas paintings.

    15. Frosty Felt Wreath

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Alliteration aside, a winter white wreath will truly make your season bright.

    16. Wooden Bead Ornaments

    Jessica Robelo / Via

    Add quick, colorful hints of holiday cheer.

    17. Twigs Reindeer

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    On (the wall with) Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen!

    18. Twinkling Room Divider

    Mark Montano / Via

    A DIY decor piece that deserves to stay up long after the holidays have passed.

    19. "Ugly" Sweater Update

    Carmen / Via

    For all those themed holiday parties on your list.

    20. Embroidered Snowflake

    Little Sparrow Nest / Via

    'Tis the season for pretty stitched snowflakes.

    21. Knitted Tree Garland

    Sarah Cooligan / Via

    Turn bits of green yarn into sweet little tree garland.

    22. Easy Advent Calendar

    Curly Made / Via

    A fun, easy way to count down the days.

    23. Paper Acorn Treats

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Pack up holiday snacks in adorable paper acorns.

    24. 3D Tree Mobile

    Sarah / Via

    A holiday mobile you'll want to leave hanging all year round.

    25. Dip Dyed Pine Cones

    Hipaholic / Via

    In case your holiday decor is in need of a good color jolt.

    26. Leather Wreath

    Randomly Happy / Via

    Chic up those holiday wreaths by adding a little leather to the mix.

    27. Quilted Stockings

    mucho xoxo / Via

    Cool stocking stuffers call for equally cool, quilted stockings.

    28. Rudolph Kokeshi

    LT Blogged / Via

    Dress up your crochet kokeshi dolls with a free mod kit!

    29. Concrete Ornaments

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    Modern, geometric ornaments made from cement.

    30. Modern Tree

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    A new twist on that classic holiday tree.

    31. Magazine Snowflakes

    Mark Montano / Via

    We thought your holiday decor could use one more snowflake.

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