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    5 Easy Ways To Dye With Household Supplies

    Revamp your boring old basics with things you probably already have hanging out around the house.

    1. Bleach

    It's insanely easy and way cheaper than buying a pair.

    2. Tumeric and Coffee

    Bonus: it'll smell way better than store-bought dye. Learn how to make this adorable toddler's dress here.

    3. Food Coloring

    It's like tie-dyeing t-shirts FOR YOUR LEGS. Get the full directions here.

    4. Red Onion Skin

    Learn how to make this awesome geometric shibori pattern with onion skin here.

    5. Dahlias

    Use richly-colored dahlias to create an ombre effect on a flower pot. (And if you then put dahlias in the pot, it'll be the most meta craft project ever.)

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