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    10 Awesomely Easy DIY Hostess Gifts

    Holiday party season is upon us; don't show up empty-handed!

    1. Chalkboard Serving Tray

    Wit & Whistle / Via

    For the hostess who loves to show off her extensive knowledge of hard-to-pronounce (and sometimes eat...) cheeses.

    2. Holiday Coasters

    Sewbon / Via

    For the hostess who loves to entertain but also likes to remind you how precious her antique wood end tables are.

    3. Painted Tea Towels

    Everyday Occasions / Via

    For the hostess who switches out all the towels in her home depending on holiday and season.

    4. Candy Dishes

    Mark Montano / Via

    For the hostess who believe that candy on display isn't reserved for Halloween alone.

    5. Scrabble Art

    Claireabellemakes / Via

    For the hostess whose walls are in need of a little DIY love.

    6. Upgraded Serving Spoons

    A Cozy Kitchen / Via

    For the hostess who loves cooking as much as she loves parties.

    7. Coffee Cozy

    Alexandra Davidoff Studio / Via

    For the hostess who will definitely be needing a to-go grande latte tomorrow morning.

    8. Hot Chocolate Kit

    Sugar & Cloth / Via

    For the hostess who is looking forward to hanging out by the fire after the party is over.

    9. Homemade Rosemary Sea Salt

    Martha Stewart / Via

    For the hostess who loves to try something new on the menu at each party.

    10. Thank You Notes

    Lia Griffith / Via

    For send to the hostess after the party!

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