27 DIY Jewelry Projects That Are Actually Easy

Step up your accessory game.

1. Wire Heart Bracelet

Ama Ryllis / Via

Just the time of year to wear your heart on your…er, wrist.

2. Paper Statement Rings

Mark Montano / Via

Yet another example of humble paper going above and beyond. Bah, what an overachiever.

3. Hexagon Rings

Nancy Soriano / Via

For a cool set of custom rings, skip the jewelry store and head straight to the hardware store instead.

4. Wired Pearl Necklace

Trinkets in Bloom / Via

A unique, easy-to-make piece inspired by one of the coolest designers out there.

5. “Marble” Bracelet

Ama Ryllis / Via

An easy technique you can use to make bracelets, pendants, earrings and more.

6. Trim Choker


DIY’ing your own lacy choker is an easy, low commitment way to jump on the 90s trend bandwagon.

7. Simple Leather Bracelets

Curly Made / Via

5 ways to make cool stackable leather bracelets.

8. Tassel and Chain Necklace

Lia Griffith / Via

Tassel + chain = the lariat necklace you’ll wear with everything.

9. Chip Pendants

Kollabora / Via

Adding shell chips to a bezel pendant creates a unique textured piece that looks far more expensive than it is.

10. Bobby Pin Necklace

Nancy Soriano / Via

Have some extra bobby pins collecting dust? Turn them into an upcycled statement necklace.

11. Fabric Bracelets

Mark Montano / Via

Your fabric scrap stash has met it’s match.

12. Pearl Knot Necklace

Create/Enjoy / Via

The perfect ladylike accessory to dress up or down.

13. Scarf Wrap Bracelets

Trinkets in Bloom / Via

On second thought, maybe you will raid Great Aunt Mildred’s scarf collection

14. Leather Wrapped Jewelry

Anna Sergeeva / Via

So sleek, minimal and on-trend your friends will definitely be asking you to make them a set or two!

15. Crystal Friendship Bracelet

Xandy / Via

A grown up version of a summer camp childhood favorite.

16. Love Necklace

See Kate Sew / Via

The perfect way to say how you really feel.

17. Minimalism 2.0

Kollabora / Via

Wear it long, double it up, or layer it with your favorite necklaces.

18. Braided Bracelets

Sew DIY / Via

A quick way to add cool texture to any outfit, no matter the season.

19. Perler Bead Rings

Maker Mama / Via

Who says perler beads are just for kids?

20. Heart Earrings

Francesca Stone / Via

Simple, adorable, classic. What more could you want from a jewelry project?

21. Gem Pendant

Carly Cais / Via

Go big (and shiny) or go home.

22. Ribbon Chain Bracelets

Mckenzie / Via

It doesn’t get much easier than a piece of chain and a pretty ribbon.

23. Nautical Necklace

Thanks, I Made It / Via

Because the nautical preppy trend really never died.

24. Geometric Studs

Alex / Via

Mix and match colors, shapes and styles on your lobes.

25. Body Chain

TheMissLinds / Via

For a new twist on your standard jewelry rotation, try a sleek body chain.

26. Lace Trim Necklace

Sheri Pavlovic / Via

A simple, lightweight way to make a serious accessories statement.

27. Bow Tie Necklace

Kollabora / Via

In need of the perfect way to top off your favorite outfit? Put a bow on it!

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