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    27 DIY Jewelry Projects That Are Actually Easy

    Step up your accessory game.

    1. Wire Heart Bracelet

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    Just the time of year to wear your heart on, wrist.

    2. Paper Statement Rings

    Mark Montano / Via

    Yet another example of humble paper going above and beyond. Bah, what an overachiever.

    3. Hexagon Rings

    Nancy Soriano / Via

    For a cool set of custom rings, skip the jewelry store and head straight to the hardware store instead.

    4. Wired Pearl Necklace

    Trinkets in Bloom / Via

    A unique, easy-to-make piece inspired by one of the coolest designers out there.

    5. "Marble" Bracelet

    Ama Ryllis / Via

    An easy technique you can use to make bracelets, pendants, earrings and more.

    6. Trim Choker

    DIY MODE / Via

    DIY'ing your own lacy choker is an easy, low commitment way to jump on the 90s trend bandwagon.

    7. Simple Leather Bracelets

    Curly Made / Via

    5 ways to make cool stackable leather bracelets.

    8. Tassel and Chain Necklace

    Lia Griffith / Via

    Tassel + chain = the lariat necklace you'll wear with everything.

    9. Chip Pendants

    Kollabora / Via

    Adding shell chips to a bezel pendant creates a unique textured piece that looks far more expensive than it is.

    10. Bobby Pin Necklace

    Nancy Soriano / Via

    Have some extra bobby pins collecting dust? Turn them into an upcycled statement necklace.

    11. Fabric Bracelets

    Mark Montano / Via

    Your fabric scrap stash has met it's match.

    12. Pearl Knot Necklace

    Create/Enjoy / Via

    The perfect ladylike accessory to dress up or down.

    13. Scarf Wrap Bracelets

    Trinkets in Bloom / Via

    On second thought, maybe you will raid Great Aunt Mildred's scarf collection...

    14. Leather Wrapped Jewelry

    Anna Sergeeva / Via

    So sleek, minimal and on-trend your friends will definitely be asking you to make them a set or two!

    15. Crystal Friendship Bracelet

    Xandy / Via

    A grown up version of a summer camp childhood favorite.

    16. Love Necklace

    See Kate Sew / Via

    The perfect way to say how you really feel.

    17. Minimalism 2.0

    Kollabora / Via

    Wear it long, double it up, or layer it with your favorite necklaces.

    18. Braided Bracelets

    Sew DIY / Via

    A quick way to add cool texture to any outfit, no matter the season.

    19. Perler Bead Rings

    Maker Mama / Via

    Who says perler beads are just for kids?

    20. Heart Earrings

    Francesca Stone / Via

    Simple, adorable, classic. What more could you want from a jewelry project?

    21. Gem Pendant

    Carly Cais / Via

    Go big (and shiny) or go home.

    22. Ribbon Chain Bracelets

    Mckenzie / Via

    It doesn't get much easier than a piece of chain and a pretty ribbon.

    23. Nautical Necklace

    Thanks, I Made It / Via

    Because the nautical preppy trend really never died.

    24. Geometric Studs

    Alex / Via

    Mix and match colors, shapes and styles on your lobes.

    25. Body Chain

    TheMissLinds / Via

    For a new twist on your standard jewelry rotation, try a sleek body chain.

    26. Lace Trim Necklace

    Sheri Pavlovic / Via

    A simple, lightweight way to make a serious accessories statement.

    27. Bow Tie Necklace

    Kollabora / Via

    In need of the perfect way to top off your favorite outfit? Put a bow on it!

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