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    Posted on Jul 28, 2014

    10 DIY Ways To Celebrate Your BFF

    She's always there when you need her the most. So show her how much you care with a little BFF DIY.

    1. Coffee on the Run

    See Kate Sew / Via

    Pre-bunch, post-brunch or on the way to the office, you know your BFF can't live without her daily caffeine fix!

    2. The Friendship Bracelet. Updated.

    Carly Cais / Via

    Remember those meticulously braided bracelets you guys used to exchange? Same idea, but with a major style upgrade!

    3. Totes BFFs

    Fairgoods / Via

    Twin sun dyed totes because you guys do everything together anyway.

    4. Interior Chic

    Francesca Stone / Via

    Remember when plastic milk crates and sheets-as-curtains counted as home decor? Help upgrade her interiors with some adorable woven plant holders.

    5. Specialized Stitchin'

    Alanna / Via

    Nothing says home sweet home like an embroidered name wall hanging!

    6. BFF Beauty Sleep

    Tina Thevarge / Via

    Weekends were made for cocktails and catching up on some zzzzz's.

    7. Mani/Pedi Date

    Dandelions & Lace / Via

    What girl doesn't appreciate a little mani/pedi on the go?

    8. Made in the Shade

    Sew DIY / Via

    Stitch up a custom drawstring case to protect her favorite shades.

    9. Write it Out

    Marta Duarte / Via

    Because she can't tell you every single detail of her life...can she?

    10. DIY Together

    Very Shannon / Via

    Whip up a sturdy tote for her to stash her projects because friends that make together, stay together.

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